Retrospective: Tokens, But How?

We spoke to some of the smartest people in web3. Here’s what we learned, and what we still don’t know.

In this special last episode, we look back on Season 1 of TBH. We went into this season with many questions about how to build token-based products. These ranged from the philosophical (Why?) to the operational (How?). In many ways, the questions we asked reflected our intellectual journeys as founders.

We spoke to some of the most insightful operators in this space—diving into the messy details of building token-based products. For this retrospective episode, we recap what we learned and what we still don’t know. 

We hope you enjoyed Season 1 as much as we did while making it! If you have thoughts on Season 1 and/or suggestions for Season 2, we’re @sariazout and @joey_debruin on Twitter. 

Until next time,

Sari & Joey

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