Thinking Beyond the Token Launch

PARSIQ's Tom Tirman on sustainable business models for web3

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is launching a token. Creators and companies think of a token-launch as a quick way to generate some buzz and monetize their existing community. As founders ourselves, we’d be lying if we said we haven’t considered it too. 

However, this approach is shortsighted. Just launching a token may generate short-term hype and revenue, but almost never (by itself) leads to long-term commercial success.

Building a sustainable token-based business means exploring monetization models that go beyond the token launch itself. But what does that look like? 

In this episode, we spoke to someone who has been exploring this question for quite some time: Tom Tirman, the co-founder of PARSIQ—which is often referred to as the “Zapier for blockchains." Tom is also the co-founder of IQ Protocol—a DeFi framework for renting wrapped expirable versions of digital assets. His experience building these web3 products along with his experience in the traditional finance world give him an insightful perspective on token-based business models.

If you’re a founder or creator who wants to understand how you can build a sustainable business through tokens, this episode is for you. 

We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did!

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