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Happy Saturday!

For a long time I’ve wanted to make the Superorganizers archive more useful. There’s a ton of information in there, but the interviews are so long that it’s hard to find the right interview at the right time.

That changes today! I worked with Temirlan Nugmanov to put together a comprehensive index of every Superorganizers interview into an Airtable.

You can now see every article, every guest, every use case, every tool, and every book that gets mentioned in our interviews in one place! It makes it really easy to find every article where Notion is mentioned, or find every article where a guest talked about surfacing reading highlights in just a few clicks.

Superorganizers is officially organized. Want to check it out?

Not convinced? Here’s a little tour.


The base starts as a list of articles split out by type:

This allows you to sort and filter to find the kind of article you want: a guide, an interview, an announcement, etc.


The guests table lists every guest that’s been on the newsletter, and tracks each tool and use case they talked about.


The tools table lists every tool that has come up in our interviews and then lets you find which guest uses it and which article it was mentioned in.


The usescases table tracks each use case for each guest including a detailed description for how they do things.


The books table tracks each book recommendation from the interviews including the author and an Amazon link so you can easily add them to your reading list.

Do you have feedback? Want something more? Let us know in the comments!

Huge thanks to Temirlan for doing all of the hard work to put this together.

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Dan + Tiago Live: The 4 Levels of PKM

Save the date: Monday August 24th at 2 PM EST.

I’ve been wanting to do a live event with Tiago Forte for Superorganizers members for a while now and it’s finally time!

We’re hosting a one-hour live presentation and conversation to discuss Tiago’s new framework The 4 Levels of PKM. We’ll also answer any questions you have, amp don’t generally have a fun time. Only for Superorganizers and Praxis members.

Interested? Register below.

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