How To Run Your Life Inside of Notion

Marie Poulin gives a tour through the most impressive Notion setup I've ever seen

Quick note: do you want the templates Marie mentions in this post? You can find them here.

Marie Poulin’s Notion is a mirror.

Drop into any piece of her system, and you can see her life reflected as a series of linked database entries. She has a Daily Journal which links to her Quarterly Goals. She has a Quarterly Goals database which links to her Yearly Vision. She has a Yearly Vision which links to notes on books she’s read and projects she’s completed.

She weaves and knots these elements together to create one of the most complex, and compelling systems I’ve ever seen. Each page pulls and remixes data from every other part of her system, to show her everything she needs when and how she needs it. 

As each aspect of her life changes and evolves her Notion shapeshifts to display it.

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