Get Focused Work Done This Week

Hey ya’ll —

It’s scary times right now. We’re all holed up in our houses (hopefully), trying to flatten the curve, and also trying to (as much as we can) keep things going. I hope you’re all staying safe.

While we’re in doors, it’s a good opportunity to get some focused work done! We did it two weeks ago and it worked really well. I’m bringing it back this week.

What is it

An opportunity to do focused work with me and the rest of the Superorganizers community. We’ll work for 2 hours together, and use social accountability to make sure we get stuff done.

The schedule

How it works

  • Goal-setting (5 minutes): we’ll spend 5 minutes in breakout groups introducing ourselves, and setting our goals for the session.
  • Focused work (45 minutes): we’ll dive into a 45-minute focused work session. No phones, emails, or notifications allowed!
  • Review and Goal Setting (5 minutes)
  • Focused work (45 minutes)
  • Review (15 minutes)

Coming up

We’re working on a bunch of new interviews, and a deep-dive on remembering what you read. Look for those later this week!

Stay safe out there,


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