Event: $10k Work with Khe Hy

When it comes to productivity systems, you've tried them all, yet nothing really sticks. Why? Because the popular methods don't prioritize impact—leaving you spinning your wheels on low-value work (ahem, Inbox Zero) that fails to move the needle. Enter: $10K Work—a modern productivity approach to getting the right things done. It's a refreshingly simple approach that ditches the mindless optimization and focuses your efforts on your highest-leverage activities.

You’ll learn:

  • How to identify (and execute on) your highest leverage tasks
  • Prioritize, even when everything is a priority
  • Confidently say no to low-value work

Khe Hy—former MD at BlackRock and current founder of RadReads (radreads.co) will join Dan and Nathan in the Every Discord to teach us his $10k Work Framework.

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