Event: Master the Art of Storytelling with Adam Davidson

Join us on the Every Discord on Wednesday October 27th at 2 PM EST


New Yorker writer Adam Davidson is coming to the Every Discord to teach you how to tell compelling stories in business.

Join us live on Wednesday, October 27th at 2 PM EST talk about:

  • The frameworks that master storytellers in Hollywood and podcasting use to craft compelling narratives
  • How you can learn how to tell stories to help you raise money, recruit a co-founder, or land a dream job
  • Why storytelling is the essential technology of the 21st century

We’ll also have a Q&A at the end so you’ll be able to personally ask Adam questions about how to shape your story, and think about your business. 

Who is Adam Davidson?

Adam is the author of The Passion Economy, writes for the New Yorker, helped shape the movie The Big Short, and created the Planet Money podcast—so he knows a lot about how to tell stories effectively.

Want to join? Access to the Every Discord is for subscribers only. To become a subscriber for $1 for your first 14 days, click the link below. (And be sure to put “Masterful Storytelling” as the reason you subscribed so Adam gets credit!)

Once you become a subscriber, you’ll see a link in the menu in the top right to join our Discord.

Coming Next: More Essays About Storytelling

Adam’s also writing a newsletter with Every called Masterful Storytelling which will include original in-depth essays on how to do better storytelling to improve your business, find your dream customers, and raise money. If you want us to send you new writing from him, click the “follow” button here:

On the other hand, if you don’t want to hear more about Adam’s events or his new newsletter, just hit reply and let us know. We’ll make sure you don't get any more emails about it!

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Join us on the Every Discord on Wednesday October 27th at 2 PM EST

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