Funny Business: How Improv Can Help You Engage Customers, Investors, and Employees

An Event with Adam Davidson

Hello! Adam here.

I'm hard at work on my first article for this newsletter, but I wanted to drop in to tell you about an event I'm hosting that you may like:

It's a free, live, virtual improv workshop led by Owen Burke, actor, writer, producer, and the former artistic director of Upright Citizen's Brigade. In a single 90 minute session, Owen will lead you and a group of like-minded peers through a series of exercises and games designed to help you collaborate, learn how to build trust, listen and communicate clearly, generate new ideas, widen your circle of inclusivity, and establish meaningful connections with others.

This workshop is ideal for anyone looking for a hands-on way to improve their business communication, leadership, and team-building skills. Join a small group of eager participants and actively practice the key frameworks of Owen's transformative approach, developed across decades of work with some of today's best comedians in TV and film. Discover how the basic principles of improv comedy offer so much more than shortcuts to simple jokes. With Owen, you will learn how improv and humor are some of today's most powerful tools for creating inclusive connections and building strong relationships.

  • Free to join. No preparation is necessary.
  • Nov 15th, 2021 12 - 1:30p EST (90 Minutes)
  • Limited to sixteen participants. Registration required.

This workshop was developed by Owen Burke, Jonathan Stern, JP King, and Adam Davidson.

Owen Burke is an actor, writer, director, and producer who works at Gary Sanchez Productions as well as a consulting producer for

Jonathan Stern is an award-winning executive producer and co-creator of over 18 television and film series since he founded Abominable Pictures in Los Angeles in 2006.

JP King is an artist, designer and educator specializing in transformative virtual live learning experiences. With Adam Davidson, he runs Masterful Storytelling.

Adam Davidson is a writer at the New Yorker, created the Planet Money podcast, helped shape the film, The Big Short, and is the creator of the live learning course, Masterful Storytelling.

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