Why You Should Apply to the Everything Fellowship

Send us some of your writing––we might print more of it (and pay!)

Are you sitting on a great essay idea? Does it need a home? Last week, we launched the Everything Fellowship, an open contest to find the next great piece of practitioner-focused business writing. The prize? $1,000, and your essay published here. Put simply: We want you to write for us. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Submit a pitch (150-200 words) for an essay – anything that communicates your own experience or opinion about a specific part of the business and/or productivity world. If that feels broad, it’s on purpose. We want you to bring as much of your own perspective to the pitch as possible. Teach us something.
  • We’ll also want a writing sample. Something you’ve had published, something you haven’t – anything you’re proud of that you think we should read. The closer it is in subject matter to our general output, the better, but we’ll read anything.
  • We’ll pick a pitch! If it’s yours, you’ll write a first draft. When we get it, we’ll pay you $200. The other $800 will go out when we publish your essay.

We’re still accepting pitches—check out the submission form at the link below. The writing we’ve already received has been exciting and diverse, and we’d love it if you added yours to the mix. If you have any questions, send them to [email protected].

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