Tiago Forte Joins Everything

All Praxis paywalled posts are now available to members

TLDR: Big news! Tiago Forte has joined the Everything bundle! Here’s what that means:

  • All ~60 paywalled articles in his Praxis blog are available Everything subscribers
  • That includes his work on progressive summarization, PARA, weekly reviews, and even his book notes (not sure what some of those are? Keep reading)
  • Subscribers will also get new articles from him as they come out!
  • Access costs just $20/mo, $200/year for Superorganizers, Divinations, and now Praxis (savings of $180 over buying each publication individually)

Want to know more about Tiago and Praxis? We’ll let Dan Shipper, author of Superorganizers, explain.

Why you should care about Tiago Forte and Praxis

Tiago Forte has been my from-afar productivity crush for a few years now. 

And, I mean come on, if you’re a productivity nerd like me he’s kind of a larger than life figure. If they made baseball cards for productivity gurus he’d be almost as rare as an original David Allen or a pre-4 Hour Work Week Tim Ferris. 


PARA. Progressive summarization. Building a Second Brain.

These are all of the most talked about concepts in productivity today, and he invented them. He’s like Moses coming down from the mountain-top but instead of a stone tablet he’s carrying an iPad running a perfectly organized Evernote setup. 

Having delved deeply into Tiago’s worldview, taken his Building a Second Brain course, and even covered him in a 3,000 word essay for Superorganizers, I think the best thing about Tiago is his focus on actionability and simplicity. 

He’s not about organizing for organizing’s sake — he’s all about organizing for action. The question is not, “What’s the best organizational system?” That’s a question that has no answer.

Instead Tiago asks: “How do I organize this stuff, so I can get my best work done?” 

Best of all he doesn’t just recommend you build a gigantic complicated system all at once in order to achieve your productivity goals. Instead he recommends just-in-time systems that are easy to adopt bit by bit — so you can take what works for you and leave the rest.

This is way of thinking that I agree with whole-heartedly, and his ideas have been a big inspiration for me in my own life. In fact, I was so enamored with PARA that I even built a piece of software, Sparkle, that organizes my computer using its principles (it’s available with an Everything bundle membership.) 

And when you’re looking for the place where Tiago expresses his ideas with the most nuance and depth it’s inside of Praxis, his member’s only newsletter. That’s why I’m so excited to have him as the newest newsletter inside of the Everything bundle.

Here’s what you get now that Praxis is part of the Everything Bundle

Tiago writes a lot, and has for years. That means that there is now a huge archive of evergreen articles containing all of Tiago’s best stuff available now to bundle members. Here’s a few of my favorites.

An In-Depth Series on Progressive Summarization

Progressive summarization is one of Tiago’s most important ideas. The basic gist is this: you read a lot, but it’s often hard to make what you read useful because you forget it. What you really need to do is create a system to transfer the things you read through time so that when your future self is can use it when you need it.

That’s what progressive summarization does: it helps you identify the most useful bits of information from books, articles, and videos — and then creates an easy way for those bits to surface when they’ll be most useful. Read Tiago’s 5-part Praxis series on it here:

How to Do Weekly, Monthly, Annual Reviews

Weekly, Monthly and Annual reviews are incredibly important for making sure you’re aligning your day to day with your larger goals. They’re also some of the toughest things to get right. Luckily, Tiago has a series on Praxis where he lays out how to do each one, and shows how they fit together

PARA: Explained

In this Praxis series Tiago explains his popular organization system, PARA, and dives into details on how to use it and different ways to apply it.

Book Notes Galore

One other amazing thing from this archive is how many of Tiago’s raw book notes he shares with his readers. That means the archives of Praxis are dotted with links directly into his Evernote to see how his mind works. And he doesn’t just share his own book notes — he also shares notes from the rest of his community. 

The meaning of Everything

Our dream is to build Everything into the home of the best business writing on the internet — a creative community supporting thinkers from all backgrounds to publish their life’s work, supported directly by readers, in order to make a dent in the way the world thinks. And, most importantly, to democratize access to success in business.

Our partnership with Tiago is a huge step in the right direction. But we’re not stopping here. 

If you write about strategy or productivity, please reach out! We’d love to include you next.

— Dan & Nathan

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