Tiago Forte joins the Everything bundle!

All Praxis paywalled posts are now available to members

Big news! Tiago Forte is joining the Everything bundle!

Here’s what that means:

  • All ~60 paywalled articles in his newsletter, Praxis, will be available to Everything subscribers
  • That includes his work on progressive summarization, PARA,weekly reviews, and even his book notes (not sure what some of those are? Keep reading)
  • As always, Everything subscribers get access to it all for the same price of $20/mo, $200/year (savings of $180 over buying each publication individually)

Want in?

Tiago’s impact on my life

Until very recently I was an “anti-productivity” kind of guy. 

I mean, sure, I wanted to do great work and had some basic systems in place to ensure nothing too important slipped through the cracks. But I was not interested in productivity “systems.” To me it always felt like a waste of time, like an artist fiddling with their studio and gear instead of settling in and just painting.

But then, a few months ago, something broke. I needed a way to fix it. And, thank god, Tiago was there.

Actually, it all started because I was burnt out trying to write essays for Divinations. Each one took way too long to write. I was spending a ton of time looking up little facts and re-researching stuff I thought I already knew. My brain felt like a jumbled mess.

If it weren’t for the fact that I needed to keep Divinations subscribers happy in order to pay rent, I might have given up. Actually, that’s definitely what I would have done if I had a real job 😅

But I had no other option. I needed a way to organize my knowledge more efficiently in order to not go crazy writing essays every week.

Enter “Progressive Summarization.” 

Holy shit what a great idea. In essence, progressive summarization is a technique for taking good notes, and making those notes useful to your future self, when you actually need it.

Before I learned progressive summarization, when I’d read a book (say, Competitive Strategy, for example) I would half-heartedly highlight sections I thought were interesting. Then I’d forget almost all of it and have to read the whole thing over again every time I wanted to incorporate those ideas into an essay I was writing.

After I learned progressive summarization, I began to keep my notes open while I was reading and jot down everything important from the book in my own words. And then, in the future when I use those notes, I summarize my summary, in order to consolidate the knowledge even further.

For example, here’s a selection from my notes on The Innovator’s Solution:

Now, when I am writing an essay breaking down the strategy of some company, and I’m reminded of an idea from Clay Christensen, I have an easy place to go that is condensed and written in language that makes sense to me. It makes the whole process so much more fun and efficient.

I could go on and on about this technique, but if you want to learn more about it, you should get it straight from the source: Tiago.

Tiago’s Oeuvre

PARA. Progressive summarization. Building a Second Brain.

These are all of the most talked about concepts in productivity today, and he invented them. 

He’s like Moses coming down from the mountain-top, but instead of a stone tablet, he’s carrying an iPad running a perfectly organized Evernote setup. 

Tiago writes a lot, and has for years. That means that there is now a huge archive of evergreen articles containing all of Tiago’s best stuff available now to Everything bundle members. 

Here’s a few of our favorites.

Progressive Summarization

Progressive summarization is one of Tiago’s most important ideas. The basic gist is this: you read a lot, but it’s often hard to make what you read useful because you forget it. What you really need to do is create a system to transfer the things you read through time so that when your future self is can use it when you need it.

That’s what progressive summarization does: it helps you identify the most useful bits of information from books, articles, and videos — and then creates an easy way for those bits to surface when they’ll be most useful. Read Tiago’s 5-part Praxis series on it here:

How to Do Weekly, Monthly, Annual Reviews

Weekly, Monthly and Annual reviews are incredibly important for making sure you’re aligning your day to day with your larger goals. They’re also some of the toughest things to get right. Luckily, Tiago has a series on Praxis where he lays out how to do each one, and shows how they fit together

PARA: Explained

In this Praxis series Tiago explains his popular organization system, PARA, and dives into details on how to use it and different ways to apply it.

Book Notes Galore

One other amazing thing from this archive is how many of Tiago’s raw book notes he shares with his readers. That means the archives of Praxis are dotted with links directly into his Evernote to see how his mind works. And he doesn’t just share his own book notes — he also shares notes from the rest of his community. 

How to get access

To get access to everything from Divinations, Superorganizers, and now also Praxis, all you have to do is click the button below. Separately, these would all cost $380 per year. But together in the bundle, they only cost $200 — a savings of $180!

It only takes a few taps, and you can unsubscribe any time:

About Everything

Just in case you forgot, Praxis isn’t the only newsletter in the Everything bundle. There’s also Divinations (of course!) and Superorganizers, which features interviews with the world’s smartest people showing us how they organize their work, written by Dan Shipper. 

Our goal is to make the Everything bundle the #1 place on the internet for business strategy and productivity writing. We’re just getting started.

Want to learn more about what you get when you sign up? Check out our about page here.

Why we’re building Everything

Our dream is to build Everything into the home of the best business writing on the internet — a creative community supporting thinkers from all backgrounds to publish their life’s work, supported directly by readers, in order to make a dent in the way the world thinks. And, most importantly, to democratize access to success in business.

Our partnership with Tiago is a huge step in the right direction. But we’re not stopping here. 

If you write about strategy or productivity, please reach out! We’d love to hear from you.

— Nathan & Dan

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