The Sunday Digest: Set your phasers to Cyberbits

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Happy Sunday!

If you read us at all—or if you spend any time on HackerNews, for that matter—you're likely familiar with Fadeke Adegbuyi's Cybernaut.

Fadeke's trademark deep dives into internet subcultures, and what they can tell us about life beyond the web, are packed with funny barbs, unique conclusions, and an intense degree of can't-look-away readability. But that's not all she's working on: there's also Cyberbits, a weekly curation of the strangest, coolest, most fascinating things Fadeke finds in her online travels. It's one of our favorite recent additions to Every, and if you haven't been reading it as much as we have, it may well be time to start.

So enjoy catching up, and see you next weekend!

What We Published

How to Go Pro as a Creator: The 6 steps that helped me build a $1MM+ platform

by John Gannon in Superorganizers (15-minute read)

When it comes to monetizing your creations, you might be surprised to hear that John Gannon started out with little trace of a plan. In this Superorganizers guest post, John—who you may know from his VC Careers and Going VC communities, among other places—turns back the clock to examine how he monetized his work, from cohort-based education programs to a 20k-person email list, and countless other services. John's programs, products, services and companies have grossed over a million dollars in revenue—but that wasn't necessarily his goal at the beginning. For a clear, entertaining inside look at the six-step process John established by reflecting on his earlier work, look no further than Superorganizers this week.

The Secrets of GetRichQuickTok

by Fadeke Adegbuyi in Cybernaut (7-minute read)

In the latest set of Cyberbits, Fadeke takes an honest look at the wealth-influencing trend sweeping everyone's favorite social video giant. Get-rich-quick tips are seductive—especially when the influencers dispensing them are counting stacks of their money on camera. But when there's a sixty-second time limit, what gets left out? Fadeke has receipts for the blindspots—some possibly intentional—instilled by this brand of content, and she provides them here, in classically wry and incisive fashion.

150% APR? How are DeFi Yields so High?

by Nat Eliason in Almanack (7-minute read)

Those invested (ha) in the world of crypto have spent much of this year marveling at the ups and downs of different coins—and, for that matter, feeling skeptical when certain ones go sky-high. But what happens when a coin's uber-high yield isn't a scam? That's what Nat's here to answer for us. In this cohesive explainer, he explains "why all yield isn't created equal"—and where yield itself comes from.

Working Late is Lately Working

Talk Therapy with Dan Shipper & Nathan Baschez (17-minute listen)

Dan and Nathan continue to discuss work and sleep habits in this week's episode, while mixing in a bit of personal history this time around. While exchanging experiences cohabitating while working late, they arrive at a simple but profound epiphany about how—and why—to prioritize based on your heart.

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  • Following Fadeke Adegbuyi's dive into the world of Study Web for Cybernaut, Vox's Beatrice Forman wrote about its work-centric cousin, #ProductivityTok. Fadeke received a well-deserved shoutout in the article for her exhaustively researched, deeply empathetic portrait of an online community that tells us a lot about a generation. If you haven't read it yet, get on that!
  • While covering LA Tech week for The New York Times, Taylor Lorenz investigated the larger trend of tech workers and founders who took the pandemic as an opportunity to relocate to the non-Silicon west coast. And who better to ask than our own Nathan Baschez, whose take on the phenomenon was immortalized with a quote about why the LA tech world "isn't insular"?

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