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Re: Happiness, in pursuit thereof

by Rachel Jepsen in The Long Conversation (10-minute read)

Rachel brings writerly (and editorial!) wisdom to as close to a universal topic as there is: how do you write when—her words—"everything is a piece of shit"? Turns out, jumpstarting your writing has a lot to do with ridding yourself of a "finished product" as your goal.

Spotify Bets on Apple Antitrust

by Nathan Baschez in Divinations (4-minute read)

Spotify is now offering a paid-subscription feature for podcast creators everywhere—but, as Nathan laments, the feature doesn't necessarily work smoothly on Mac devices. Why? Because the audio giant is attempting to color inside the lines of Apple's strict creator laws, while spiritually contradicting them. For a guess at Spotify's psychology—and an imagined conversation between the two companies—read on.

Ted Lasso Recap: S2 Episode 4

Talk Therapy with Dan Shipper & Nathan Baschez (33-minute listen)

Ted Lasso reached the middle of its second season with a Christmas episode questionable for reasons of timing and beyond. But for Dan, Nathan, and Rachel, there wasn't much cause for celebration, as the show continues to create questions for our loyal watchers.

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The Sunday Digest

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The Sunday Digest

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The Sunday Digest

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All Praxis paywalled posts are now available to members

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