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Hello and happy Sunday!

Slow news week, eh? If you’re anything like us, perhaps you’d like to take a break from the doomscrolling and settle into a nice, edifying read. If that’s the case we’ve got you covered.

This week in Everything, we’re exploring problems with the ways businesses prioritize their efforts, the Coinbase memo, this week in news from the passion economy, and the virtues of spatial methods for organizing knowledge.

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Everything Index - Week of 9/28

  • Articles we published — 3
  • Podcasts we released — 3
  • Tesla Stock Price — +2%
    (Change since last week)
  • Chamath’s Number — 14
    (Number of articles on Google News for “Chamath SPAC” from this week)
  • People Who Are Wrong — 0
    (Number of times Rabois tweeted the word “wrong” this week)
  • Days Until the Election — 31

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This Week’s Top Posts

Ranked by the % of people who rated the post “amazing” in our feedback forms.

  1. 🔮Intangible Returns by Nathan Baschez in Divinations (1,511 words) 🔒
  2. 💝Passion Economy News: Casey Newton goes Indie, SignalFire’s Creator Economy Market Map, Newsletter Curation, and More in Means of Creation (2,184 words)
  3. ⚡️Spatial Organization by Dan Shipper in Superorganizers (1,333 words) 🔒
  4. 💞#31 - Talk Therapy is a Mission-Based Podcast🎧 by Dan Shipper & Nathan Baschez in Talk Therapy (17 min)
  5. 💝Ankur Nagpal, CEO of Teachable, on empowering course creators, new formats, and COVID acceleration on Means of Creation (50 min)
  6. 💞#32 - Are We Prioritizing Correctly? by Dan Shipper & Nathan Baschez in Talk Therapy (14 min)


Tidbits from our little corners of the world.


This gigantic bookshelf is beautiful, to be sure. But it’s not just a beautiful object. The meaning of it is beautiful, too. Here’s the headline from the photo essay it came from: “My wife recently passed away. I used my time off to build her the giant bookshelf she always wanted.”





If you like The Strokes you’ll like this:


🔥 Burn of the week 🔥

Thread of the week:

Come for the graphic, stay for the Elon Musk hot take in the replies:

Power Tip:

Any other week, this would at least be the fifth most popular story:

SF follows NY:

At risk of putting the Digest out of business:

80 million…how cute:


Some of the best feedback we received in our forms this week:

  • “What strategies actually work for prioritizing? Pick the low-hanging fruit? Cherrypick the big ROI’s? Or do you do it through your people, because if the people aren’t up to it, the “upgrade” is going to fail anyway? And how does a business then guard against the solo “expert” employee with extreme job security? The issues are endless!” (on #32 - Are We Prioritizing Correctly?)
  • “Amazing but I disagree that you cannot do it in Roam Research. Just take all menu items in a list and tag each item on like #Meat #Sandwiches and you can then use the sort/filter tool or open the graph view. Is there something I'm missing?” (on Spatial Organization)

Keep ‘em coming!

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This post was written by Babe Howard and edited by Nathan Baschez.

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