Teaching a Robot to Paint (and more!)

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Happy Sunday!

ICYMI: We had a fantastic live event in the Every Discord with our newest writer Adam Davidson this week. Adam talked to us about:

  • The frameworks that master storytellers in Hollywood and podcasting use to craft compelling narratives
  • How you can learn how to tell stories to help you raise money, recruit a co-founder, or land a dream job
  • How the economics of storytelling in business have evolved—from the birth of branding in the 1800s until today

We have an article summarizing the main points from the event coming soon! If you want to get a summary of the event (and more of Adam's writing with us) make sure you follow his newsletter Masterful Storytelling:

And now, on to the articles!

The Man Who Taught a Robot to Paint

Babe Howard / Means of Creation

This week in Means of Creation we have a deep investigation about one man's quest to make the ultimate painting tool. Ben Tritt created a robotic printer that can be programmed to produce real oil paintings on the same level of as a human master artist. Will this technology democratize artistic expression, making everyone a painter? Will it change how we think of who an 'artist' is? Read on to find out.


A Formula to Determine if Platforms are Ripping You Off

Evan Armstrong / Napkin Math

Evan got married this week (congrats Evan!)

But before he signed off for the ceremony, he shipped a new essay in true Evan style: a numbers driven article with a formula to help you calculate how much platforms rip off (or fairly compensate) their creators. It also includes the sentence, "our baldy, shiny-headed retail overlord Jeff Bezos"—so even if the formula makes you cry, the writing will make you laugh.


How David Perell Writes an Essay

Dan Shipper is & Roya Wolverson / Superorganizers

In this week's Superorganizers, Dan talks to the grand warlock of writing on the internet: David Perell. Together they trace how David builds one of his mammoth essays, and the tools he uses to write his way to ideas (and ways of expressing them) that are surprising and interesting.


That's all for this week!

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