Sunday Digest: Introducing The Long Conversation

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Hello and happy Sunday!

We’re announcing a new show this week: The Long Conversation, with Rachel Jepsen.

The Long Conversation is a weekly live show dedicated to the craft of writing hosted by Rachel Jepsen, Managing Editor of Holloway.

Great writing is the result of a long conversation between a writer and their editor: it’s a relationship that’s always ongoing, and always changing — one that values process over product.

At the Everything bundle, we’re all about great writing — and that’s why we’re partnering with Rachel to create The Long Conversation.

Each week, she’ll work live with Dan, Nathan, Adam, and other bundle members to improve our writing. We’ll tear down our own pieces, look at the best writing from across the internet for inspiration, and work on everything from how to create killer openings, to how to use metaphors.

The first episode will air on Friday, October 16th at 3 PM EST. We’ll be reading and breaking down The Rosary by Alexander Chee. Register below:

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Everything Index - Week of 10/5

  • Articles we published — 4
  • Podcasts we released — 3
  • Amazing Average — 55%  
    (Number of articles on Google News for “Chamath SPAC” from this week)
  • Tesla Stock Price — +1.2%
    (Change since last week)
  • Chamath’s Number — 7
    (Number of articles on Google News for “Chamath SPAC” from this week)
  • People Who Are Wrong — 0
    (Number of times Rabois tweeted the word “wrong” this week)
  • Days Until the Election — 24

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This Week’s Top Posts

Ranked by the % of people who rated the post “amazing” in our feedback forms.

  1. ⚡️Amanda Goetz Doesn’t Believe in Balance by Dan Shipper in Superorganizers (3,003 words)
  2. 🦠Using Commerce to Understand Everything by Sherell Dorsey in Free Radicals (2,421 words) 
  3. 💝Passion Economy News #3: TikTok’s Creator Fund, Amazon Explore, The Edtech Explosion, and More in Means of Creation (1,904 words)
  4. 📐Nike: Direct Relationships & Digital Penetration by Adam Keesling in Napkin Math (1,049 words)
  5. 🔮 Why winners sometimes take all, and sometimes don’t by Nathan Baschez in Divinations (1,421 words)
  6. 💞#33 - How to Use Spatial Organizing🎧 by Dan Shipper & Nathan Baschez in Talk Therapy (13 min)
  7. 💝Workers are people, too: Dan Teran on good jobs and Managed by Q's non-conformity in the gig economy🎥 on Means of Creation (53 min)
  8. 💞#34 - A Rough Week🎧 by Dan Shipper & Nathan Baschez in Talk Therapy (14 min)


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