Lambda School, Knowledge Management, and a Masterful Storytelling Course

Here's everything we published this week.

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Happy Sunday!

Our very own Adam Davidson is offering the second cohort of his kick-ass course, Masterful Storytelling. It's designed to help you learn how to tell powerful stories that drive your career or company.

He’s distilled everything he knows down into a few universal rules that can help you tell your story whether you’re writing a pitch deck, refining an elevator pitch, or composing your about page. The next cohort starts January 25th, and applications are open now.

(Adam is offering Every readers 10% off admission (Coupon code: every10) until the end of this week!)

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Now, on to the articles we published...

What the hell is going on with Lambda School?

Evan Armstrong / Napkin Math

Bloom Institute of Technology, or the company formerly known as Lambda School, has stirred up no small amount of controversy. If you search up "Lambda School" on Twitter you'll find some of the most polarized takes on the internet. This week on Napkin Math, Evan dives headfirst into the tornado of CEO Austen Allred's haters and stans to find the truth about this coding bootcamp. Is BloomTech fixing our long-broken higher education system? Or do they pump their numbers while leaving their students high and dry?


PARA on Paper

Christina Luo / Praxis

This article is for all fans of knowledge management and especially Tiago Forte's Building a Second Brain system. After completing the BASB course, Christina built upon Forte's PARA system to create her own: PARA on Paper. In this guest post, she takes readers through the detailed steps of her system and finds, "The moment I realized I didn’t need PARA—or any organizational framework for that matter—in order to take action, was the moment I began to understand it...By starting at the smallest, most actionable level, and only adding layers when the need arises, your time shifts from maintenance to making things happen."


Some Reading Recs:

How the Creator Crisis forced artists to be founders

Josh Constine / PressClub

In this interview/article, Josh Constine chats with Patreon's CEO Jack Conte about how the creator crisis spurred a startup renaissance. Although creators were originally left behind with social media platforms refusing to include monetization for them, they now have a plethora of tools to sustain their businesses. And these tools are being streamlined so artists have more time to focus on their art. According to Conte, “This is a renaissance that we are going through. The amount of funding and celebration for the arts that we're about to see at scale across the entire planet — it literally is going to make the first Renaissance seem like old news.”


Interview with Ryan Petersen, founder and CEO of Flexport

Noah Smith / Noahpinion

For the last year or so, the global economy has been hammered by a massive supply chain crunch. The phenomenon is impossibly complex, encompassing a dizzying array of factors — demand shifts, the shift to e-commerce, Chinese industrial crackdowns, Covid, inflation, legacy regulations, trade imbalances, and much much more. Last October, Ryan Petersen, the founder and CEO of the supply chain software company Flexport, took a trip around the port of Long Beach and tweeted about a specific outdated regulation that was holding up the flow of goods. The city swiftly changed the regulation, and the congestion situation improved.

In this interview, Noah Smith talks with Ryan how the U.S. and global supply chain system fell apart, and what policy changes and technological upgrades we can use to put it back together. If you want to understand the supply chain problem, start here.


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