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Hi friends! It’s Sunday. You know the drill :)

Quick note before we start! Our friend Khe Hy (subject of this wonderful Superorganizers interview) is putting on a summit to teach tactics to build leverage and stop drowning in low-value work. There will be many great speakers, including James Clear, Anne-Laure Le Cunff, Dan Runcie, Steph Smith, and more. If you’re interested in attending, click here!

Ok, let’s dive in!

Here is everything we published this week, in all its glory:

Will DAOs Replace Corporations?

Nathan Baschez / Divinations

We get it. Some portion of you will be tempted to skip this one because you’re not interested in crypto—but before you do, wait! If there’s any part of you that is curious what “web3” is all about but you don’t want to fully drink the kool-aid in order to learn, this post will delight you. It has been Nathan’s best-performing post in months.

How Writing Can Help Us With Grief and Trauma

Rachel Jepsen / The Long Conversation

We all go through tough shit, personally and professionally. But we don’t all deal with it in the same ways. In this beautiful piece, Rachel guides us through one of the most powerful tools of human adaptation: writing. Here’s what she says:

Writing is a mind-expanding agent. It can help us see the potential of telling old stories in new ways. It can help us see a new future by reexamining the past. It can help us become more compassionate toward ourselves—“Wow, that happened to me”—and thus lead us to see others more compassionately—“Wow, I wonder what’s happened to them.” Writing in the right ways can show us how we can take control of our stories and our narrative identities, and even help us examine what pain has to teach us.


Toast—a Vision of Software’s Future

Evan Armstrong / Napkin Math

You know that thing at cafes and restaurants where you put in your credit card and it asks you how much you want to tip? That thing is called Toast, and the company that makes it IPOed this week. Their business is fascinating because they are actually doing really well (shared jumped 60% on first day of trading) despite the fact that they “deliberately choose customers who are more expensive to acquire, churn more frequently, and will pay the absolute minimum for their services.”

So, what gives? Toast has a new kind of business model, one which Evan predicts will become much more common in the future.

Living Tax-Free off Magical Internet Money

Nat Eliason / Almanack

Ahhh, borrowing against your stocks rather than selling them. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book. Not only is this technique a great way to avoid having to sell your stock, but also a great way to pay less in taxes.

As with almost everything else in finance, there is now a cool and futuristic version of this that’s built on smart contracts. It’s a new protocol called, and this is not a joke, “Magical Internet Money”—or MIM for short. You can use it today! Basically you deposit tokens like ETH or UNI, and MIM allows you to earn interest on your tokens while simultaneously borrowing against them. Fancy!

Ok folks that’s all for this week! Enjoy your Sunday, and don’t forget to drink water :)

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