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How to Build a GPT-4 Chat Bot Course

We just re-launched our How To Build a GPT-4 Chatbot course taught by Dan Shipper!

It's an online cohort-based course that will teach you how to make your own GPT-4 based knowledge assistant in less than 30 days. It runs once a week for five weeks starting September 5th. It costs $2,000, but you can get a 15% discount if you are an Every paid subscriber. Want to learn to build in AI?​

Hello and happy Sunday!

Personality Simulation Is Coming

Dan Shipper / Chain of Thought

"Can AI mimic your personality accurately? The answer might be closer than you think," says Dan Shipper in his latest piece. He delves into AI's ability to model and simulate personalities, revealing how this could revolutionize our lives. He explores how Large Language Models (LLMs) are evolving to not just adopt any arbitrary personality, but to accurately adopt yours. Imagine a future where LLMs simulate your reactions, make decisions on your behalf, and even tweak your personality traits, all based on your writing. But how feasible is this today? Dan offers an insightful exploration of this question, painting a picture of a not-so-distant future where your own AI doppelgänger handles your tasks efficiently.


Devote Yourself to the Cause of Your Life

Evan Armstrong / Napkin Math

While we often see work as a means to an end, Evan Armstrong suggests it should be much more: the pursuit of passion and meaningful engagement. In his latest essay, he takes us through his own journey, from being a high-earning "intellectual butler" in tech to a contented writer following the Covid-19 pandemic. This leads him to question the modern obsession with productivity, stating that when we focus solely on scaling ourselves, we lose sight of the real purpose of work. He introduces a concept he calls the "builder's state of being," where one revels in the minutiae of their job, finding satisfaction in the process of work rather than just the outcome. Armstrong challenges the reader to critically examine their own work-life balance and focus on finding meaning in what they spend their day doing.


Unlock the power of AI and learn to create your personal AI chatbot in just 30 days with our cohort-based course.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Master AI fundamentals like GPT-4, ChatGPT, vector databases, and LLM libraries
  • Learn to build, code, and ship a versatile AI chatbot
  • Enhance your writing, decision-making, and ideation with your AI assistant

What's included:

  • Weekly live sessions and expert mentorship
  • Access to our thriving AI community
  • Hands-on projects and in-depth lessons
  • Live Q&A sessions with industry experts
  • A step-by-step roadmap to launch your AI assistant
  • The chance to launch your chatbot to Every's 85,000 person audience

There are limited seats so sign up now to take advantage. Learn to build in AI—with AI in just 30 days!

Our first piece of science fiction

Mina Fahmi

Prepare to question everything you know about the interplay between technology and human evolution. Taking us on a thought-provoking journey into a future dominated by advanced AI, Mina Fahmi's debut science fiction story, "To Whom No Explanation Is Possible," offers a spine-chilling glimpse into the potential consequences of entrusting our entire existence to artificial intelligence. Within this narrative lies an exploration of faith, humanity, and a society so advanced that it has outsourced its governance to an all-seeing AI system. Follow the protagonist as he stumbles upon an unsettling truth that shakes his faith in the infallible AI system and forces him to grapple with profound questions about the nature of progress, science, and evolution.


The Art of Subtle Influence

Casey Rosengren / No Small Plans

When it comes to influencing others at work, especially when you're not the boss, the approach can be tricky. In his latest column, Casey Rosengren delves into the complex art of subtle influence. He discusses how tactics from addiction research provide effective strategies for promoting change within a team. Regardless of your position, these techniques can be used to foster a teammate's personal desire for change. Casey shares insights about maintaining autonomy, utilizing natural consequences, rewarding positive behavior, and building strong relationships. He also emphasizes how managing our emotional reactions can equip us to respond effectively in challenging situations. While these skills can be challenging to apply, with practice, they can help cultivate a culture of intrinsic motivation in a workplace.


I Tried to Acquire a Small Business. Here's What I Learned.

Adam Keesling

Delving into the world of entrepreneurship through acquisition could be a rollercoaster ride, as discovered by Adam Keesling. He decided to explore a non-traditional pathway to entrepreneurship: a search fund. Operating a search fund offers the chance to be your own boss and potentially earn a substantial financial reward. But what's the catch? In anticipation of the impending retirement of many Baby Boomer-owned businesses, Keesling embarked on a self-funded search to acquire a small business, centering his focus on software ecosystems and niche B2B media. However, he learned that finding a good deal that’s a personal fit is a challenge in itself. Despite facing roadblocks, he presents his insights and lessons learned as a torch for others intrigued by the world of search funds.


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Every is relaunching it's course on how to build your own chatbot in less than 30 days. It will run once a week for five weeks starting September 5th.

The course is available for $2,000 but you can get a 15% discount if you are an Every paid subscriber. Want to learn to build in AI? 

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