Announcing Means of Creation

A new talk show starring Li Jin and Nathan Baschez

Work is changing. The old structures that dominated the 20th century are gradually being replaced by platforms and cultures that have grown up on the internet. It’s a massive change, and it’s just getting started.

So, naturally, we’re here to talk about it.

Means of Creation is a weekly conversation hosted by Li Jin and Nathan Baschez to unpack the passion economy. Every Friday at 11am pacific, we have a live zoom call with a special guest who has substantial experience in this new world. The first half is a fireside chat, and the back half is Q&A with the audience.

Join us!

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Each week we send out invites to join the zoom call on the Wednesday before the show to paying subscribers. Means of Creation is part of the Everything bundle, so if you subscribe here you also get access to Divinations, Superorganizers, Napkin Math, and everything else we offer!

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We also release conversations later on our YouTube channel and podcast! You can find those here:

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