Transcript: The AI-powered Era of Scientific Discovery Is Here

‘AI & I’ with Dr. Bradley Love

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  1. Introduction: 00:01:00
  2. The motivations behind building a LLM that can predict the future: 00:01:58
  3. How studying the brain can solve the AI revolution’s energy problem: 00:11:14
  4. Dr. Love and his team have developed a new way to prompt AI: 00:13:32
  5. Dan’s take on how AI is changing science: 00:18:27
  6. Why clean scientific explanations are a thing of the past: 00:22:54
  7. How our understanding of explanations will evolve: 00:29:49
  8. Why Dr. Love thinks the way we do scientific research is flawed: 00:37:31
  9. Why humans are drawn to simple explanations: 00:40:42
  10. How Dr. Love would rebuild the field of science: 00:45:03


Dan Shipper (00:01:00)

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