Transcript: Taking Your Business From Zero to One With AI

‘How Do You Use ChatGPT?’ with Nicholas Thorne

The transcript of How Do You Use ChatGPT? with Nicholas Thorne is below for paying subscribers.


  1. Introduction: 00:48
  2. How AI can make you a more effective founder: 12:10
  3. Live demo of Audos! 17:01 
  4. Why Nicholas built an AI tool to enable entrepreneurs: 27:11
  5. How Audos puts you in “edit mode” instead of “create mode”: 28:37 
  6. Tools to gather customer feedback, generated by Audos: 31:29
  7. How Audos actually works: 36:15
  8. Nicholas uses ChatGPT to prototype a new feature: 38:47
  9. How to establish checks and balances while using ChatGPT: 45:54
  10. AI as a force for pushing entrepreneurship to new heights: 1:00:37


Dan Shipper (00:00:00)

There's this sort of end-to-end process of, start with a couple of questions to a deck, to a website, to a little wizard that can help you modify a couple of different things. 

Nicholas Thorne (00:00:09)

I hope you're not tired of all the AI because unfortunately the answer to it is that we use a lot of AI to make—

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