Transcript: Reid Hoffman on How AI Might Answer Our Biggest Questions

‘How Do You Use ChatGPT?’ with the LinkedIn cofounder, author, and venture capitalist

The transcript of How Do You Use ChatGPT? with Reid Hoffman is below for paying subscribers.


  1.  Introduction: 00:01:58
  2.  Why philosophy will make you a better founder: 00:04:35
  3.  The fundamental problem with “trolley problems”: 00:08:22
  4.  How AI is changing the essentialism v. nominalism debate: 00:14:27
  5.  Why embeddings align with nominalism: 00:29:33
  6.  How LLMs are being trained to reason better: 00:34:26
  7.  How technology changes the way we see ourselves and the world around us: 00:44:52
  8.  Why most psychology literature is wrong: 00:46:24
  9.  Why philosophers didn’t come up with AI: 00:52:46
  10.  How to use ChatGPT to be more philosophically inclined: 00:56:30


Dan Shipper (00:01:13)

Reid, welcome to the show.

Reid Hoffman (00:01:15)

It’s great to be here.

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