Transcript: Kevin Roose Has 18 New Best Friends—And They’re All AIs

‘How Do You Use ChatGPT?’ with the New York Times journalist

The transcript of How Do You Use ChatGPT? with Kevin Roose is below for paying subscribers.

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  1. Introduction: 00:01:11
  2. The surprising allure of  relationships with AI personas: 00:03:47
  3. The icks of AI dating and intimacy: 00:09:50
  4. Risks of young people relying on AI for friendship: 00:14:05
  5. Kevin screenshares a historical chat with an AI friend: 00:17:39
  6. Why an AI persona makes for a better friend than ChatGPT: 00:21:46
  7. Why Kevin thinks AI personas won’t substitute real friends just yet: 00:31:14
  8. Kevin’s AI toolkit: 00:33:11 
  9. How Kevin thinks about using AI as part of his writing process: 00:41:15
  10. Comparing the vibes of ChatGPT, Claude, and Gemini: 00:47:32


Dan Shipper (00:01:10)

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