Transcript: Is NotebookLM—Google’s Research Assistant—the Ultimate Tool for Thought?

‘AI & I’ with Steven Berlin Johnson

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  1. Introduction: 00:00:53
  2. The roots of Steven’s obsession with organizing ideas: 00:04:47
  3. Steven’s belief in being receptive to organic connections: 00:08:16
  4. NotebookLM’s north star: 00:11:16
  5. How Google Lab’s note-taking app respects copyright law: 00:14:02 
  6. Using NotebookLM to analyze highlights from books that Steven has read: 00:16:17
  7. Steven’s personal approach to curating valuable information: 00:19:02
  8. Why NotebookLM shows restraint when it is asked to speculate: 00:21:51
  9. Using the model to co-create the beginnings of a documentary: 00:29:13
  10.  NotebookLM generates the opening script: 00:52:54


Dan Shipper (00:01:17)

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