Transcript: How to Run a Profitable One-person Internet Business Using AI

‘How Do You Use ChatGPT?’ with Ben Tossell

The transcript of How Do You Use ChatGPT? with Ben Tossell is below for paying subscribers.


  1. Introduction: 01:02
  2. How to use ChatGPT as a business strategist 14:40
  3. Ben builds an MVP with ChatGPT 23:45
  4. Use ChatGPT to kickstart your business 41:31
  5. Ben uses AI to extract valuable information from internet rabbit holes 44:54
  6. How to turn interview transcripts into compelling articles 54:51
  7. Ben refines his blog post with Lex 59:34
  8. Use ChatGPT to analyze business data 1:06:52
  9. Offload time-consuming tasks to AI 1:09:11
  10. How AI is enabling people to run profitable businesses with not a lot of resources 1:11:09


Dan Shipper (00:00:00)

One thing you’re really good at is starting these one-man profitable internet businesses that are sneakily big.

Ben Tossell (00:00:06)

So Glassdoor is basically an anonymous site for people to leave a review on your employer.So I was like, okay, well, where did that all come from? How did that start? How did they start getting people to write reviews on a site like that? How did Glassdoor get reviews on the site initially? Did they run any incentives? I was looking at that kind of thing. So, things like that. It’s just an interesting way to start exploring an idea and where it’s gonna go and how it changes over time.

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