Transcript: How to Find Your Next Big Idea Hiding on the Internet

‘How Do You Use ChatGPT?’ with Steph Smith

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  1. Introduction 01:12
  2. Leveraging ChatGPT to generate great ideas 22:11
  3. Why ChatGPT is ideal for understanding complex concepts 29:29
  4. How to use ChatGPT to organize huge datasets 48:00
  5. Shark tank! Dan pitches Steph business ideas 1:00:41
  6. Steph’s first move while validating a business idea on the internet 1:07:51
  7. What to look for in a customer review 1:11:09
  8. Tips on secondary keyword searches 1:17:45
  9. How to gather market data from a simple Google search 1:26:24
  10. What type of trend charts depict a good market 1:31:55
  11. Using SEO tools to find useful insights from Reddit: 1:34:11
  12. How to gather data about competitors: 1:42:37
  13. Lightning-round questions from X 1:55:51


Steph Smith (00:00:00)

So all I said in this case was a really simple prompt: “Hey ChatGPT! Could you explain what dark matter is in the voice of SpongeBob?”

It starts literally with brackets, says, “Imitating SpongeBob’s enthusiastic and playful voice…”

Duh, duh, duh. Dark matter.

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