Exclusive Analysis of ‘How Do You Use ChatGPT?’ With Logan Kilpatrick

Plus a transcript of the latest episode

My take on the latest episode of How Do You Use ChatGPT? with Logan Kilpatrick and the episode transcript is below for paying subscribers.

My super-secret plan is to eventually get Sam Altman on How Do You Use ChatGPT? I mean, come on—wouldn’t it be awesome to see how he uses it every day?

The first step in the plan is complete: We got our first OpenAI employee, Logan Kilpatrick, on the show. Logan’s great, and I really enjoyed getting to record with him. The main takeaway from this episode is this:

Even someone who is close to the latest and greatest language model technologies believes that they are likely to enable—rather than replace—developers over time. In the episode, Logan says that being a developer is still the most valuable skill you can have, and it’s only going to increase in value over time. He also believes that ChatGPT is going to enable the next billion developers. 

You might say: Well, of course he thinks that. He works on behalf of developers for OpenAI—it’s part of his job description. 

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