How I’m Earning Yield on My ETH

My current ETH farming strategies as of March 2022

This is not investment advice.

I'm using a blend of safer and more aggressive ETH yield farming strategies, including one that pays higher than the RocketPoolETH Convex pool with (in my opinion at least) a comparable level of risk.

You can see what I'm doing in the paid addendum to this post.

How to Find Opportunities on Your Own

Assessing ETH farming opportunities is a little easier than stablecoin ones. The main questions you should be asking are:

  • Does this beat the yield I can earn from regular staking?
  • If it does, is the additional risk worth it?

For example, the Yearn Curve Rocket Pool vault will autocompound your RocketPoolETH position that you would take on Convex. So your APY will probably be around ~11-12% when you factor in the staking yield that rETH and wstETH have.

But now you're adding platform risk from Curve, Convex, and Yearn, on top of the risks of rETH and stETH. If any of those protocols fail, you could lose everything. So is it worth layering on that additional risk for a few extra percentage points? Maybe!

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