Creating a High Yield “Savings Account” with Crypto & DeFi

You've bought some Bitcoin. What's next?

Say you’ve bought some Bitcoin and seen it shoot up in value over the last year or two.

You keep hearing that crypto will “change the world” or “be the new Internet,” but as far as you can tell it’s mostly just speculative assets that continue to appreciate… for some reason. 

You might want to explore more, but the world of crypto is painfully opaque. Everyone talking about it on Twitter is using weird new acronyms, and half of them have a cartoon character or pixelated punk as their avatar. It’s interesting but geeky and confusing, so you’re not sure where to start or even who to listen to.

I had been sitting on the sidelines, passively buying Bitcoin for years, and in the last few months I decided to go deeper. I wanted to know what was really special about this technology. Why should I care? And why was it appreciating so much in value? 

Buying some Bitcoin on Coinbase is just the beginning. In this post, I go over how you can move some of your USD into the crypto economy to park it in a "savings account," and earn anywhere from 3-10% APR on it. Much more than we can get in fiat-based savings accounts right now.

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