A writer collective focused on business.

Every is a bundle of business focused newsletters, founded in 2020. We write analysis and commentary, and we write from the practitioner’s perspective.

We see business as an endeavour that is intellectually interesting, and as an activity that can be pursued not just for personal gain, but also as an expression of soul. We aim to serve curious and ambitious readers in every industry, every job function, and every topic in business who share that perspective.

If we succeed, we hope it will help to build a better world: the stories we tell today become the businesses we build tomorrow.

The Collective

Andre Plaut
Lead, The Prediction Game
Andy Sparks
Lead, Ask Jerry
Annaliese Griffin
Lead, Free Radicals
Austin Langlinais
Avishek Banerjee
Babe Howard
Bryant Jefferson
Dan Shipper
Co-founder / CEO
Evan Armstrong
Lead, Napkin Math
Fadeke Adegbuyi
Lead, Cybernaut
Jerry Colonna
Lead, Ask Jerry
Jevin Sewaruth
Jonathan Shi
Katie Parrott
Editorial Lead
Kieran O'Hare
Li Jin
Lead, Means of Creation
Lucas Crespo
Partnerships Manager
Nat Eliason
Lead, Almanack
Nathan Baschez
Co-founder / President
Rachel Jepsen
Sherrell Dorsey
Lead, Free Radicals
Taylor Lingerfelt
Executive Assistant
Taylor Majewski
Lead, Glassy
Tiago Forte
Lead, Praxis
Yash Bagal
Contributor & Producer

Our Investors

Eric Stromberg
Li Jin
Lenny Rachitsky
Matt Lieber
Sam Lessin
Web Smith
Henrik Werdelin
Freia Lobo
Shishir Mehrotra
Nir Eyal
David Perell
Adam Wiggins
Bo Ren
Lauren Reeder
Lucy Guo
Dave Fontenot
Alex Tryon
Scott Carleton
Steve Schlafman
Nicholas Thorne
Spencer Lazar
Jared Erondu
Tyler Tringas
Sib Mahatpara
Nashilu Mouen
Nikita Miller
Natty Zola
Willem Van Lancker
Quinten Farmer
Libby Brittain
Conrad Barrett
Krishna Kallianan
Dan Putt
Julian Weisser
Alex Godin
Hursh Agrawal
Daniel Terry


Many thanks to the fine folks at order for creating our visual brand identity. We rely on Signifier, a beautiful new typeface by Klim Type Foundry. Their essay on the creation of the font exemplifies the kind of writing we aspire to produce.

Under the hood, this website runs on Ruby on Rails. We built it ourself, only possible thanks to the tireless efforts of countless open source developers.